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Monday, June 4, 2012

It Began with Intuition

Flashback - Spring 2011

Why do I have this nagging desire to paint? I am not an artist and I have absolutely no ability to paint. Yet, the call of the paint brush grows louder and remains constant. This urge has my attention even though I do not understand it. 

I resist as long as I can. I am afraid. I can't paint. I will look foolish and feel foolish if I try to paint. I am confused. Where does this desire to paint come from? What is it trying to lead me toward? 

Finally, I give into this unexplainable invitation to paint by enrolling in a Wild Heart painting retreat with Chris Zydel. I dive into the deep sea of mystery by stepping into a week long commitment to paint at beautiful Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. If nothing else, I can go hiking while everyone else is immersed in painting if the whole painting thing does not work out for me. (This is what I tell myself to soothe the part of me that is reluctant to step out of my beloved comfort zone.)

I guess it could be said that my intuition led me to intuitive painting. I trusted the voice of guidance and it did not lead me astray when it pointed me toward Chris's painting retreat. That week created an opportunity for insights, healing, growth and revelations that were reflected to me through the process of intuitive painting. It was one of those turning places in life where I knew something big and powerful was taking place along my path. 


The following testimony is the result of my week at Ghost Ranch with Chris.  It captures the heart of my experience that week and it is posted at CreativeJuiceArts.com

A nagging desire to paint, despite feeling intimidated by the idea of painting, led me to Chris Zydel and Painting From The Wild Heart. Chris's strong ability to create a sacred, safe space along with her gentle guidance paved the way for me to deeply connect with myself. Whenever I felt stuck or uncertain while painting, Chris seemed to magically appear at my side. She knew just what to say to help me go deeper into my intuition and creativity.

Feelings of frustration and confusion evolved into victorious feelings of bliss throughout my deep and satisfying journey into self-discovery.I went from feeling intimidated about painting to feeling completely free to play with creativity and intuition in the midst of color and paint. I connected with lost and neglected pieces of my soul while gaining valuable insights about my authentic self.

The experiential learning, healing and growth that I experienced at Chris's retreat went deep into my bones and the impact will be long lasting. A door flung open and I have been invited and encouraged to boldly follow my heart in a bigger and brighter way.

I am grateful to Chris for her warm hugs, understanding ear and belief in the process of intuitive painting. She is a strong leader and healer and it has been wonderful to experience the gifts she shares with the world. Each one of my paintings serves as a reminder that I can go deeper and further than I ever imagined. That's a huge thing to bring home and hang on the wall! I left the retreat wanting more for myself and feeling certain that I can have it.

With deep gratitude and love,
~Beverly Keaton Smith, CPCC


  1. That photo really speaks to me - I recognize my own experience (same but different)

  2. Hey Elizabeth, You are the first person to leave a comment. Yay! Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Appreciate you! ~Beverly

  3. I love your work and spirit Beverly. I've been fortunate enough to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterstam twice and your colors and sense of light reminded me of those visits. You have a great gift.

    Kind regards...billy

  4. I am very honored to read your words and I appreciate your kindness, Billy. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave this lovely comment. Those last five words you wrote have a powerful punch...in a good way. :)