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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trust the Paint Brush

mixed media by Beverly Keaton Smith 

Painting Place

When practicing intuitive painting, anything can happen when you TIP over a bottle of paint and let your paint brush or fingers roam around freely on the canvas. The goal is to let the painting happen instead of attempting to force something to happen. I believe this is the biggest  challenge of intuitive painting. There is a nagging need or desire to produce something that would ordinarily be judged worthy by our own high standards or our perceived standards of others. Standing before a blank canvas and letting the paint lead the way requires the surrender of control and outcome. That's not always easy for most of us. 

Being present in the moment is a way to allow the intuitive painting process to happen. If you are focusing on control or outcome, you have most likely settled into the past or the future. Limiting thoughts about your ability to paint or  worrying about how your painting will look are likely to flourish. The result is often paralyzing. 

However, standing smack dab in the present moment while listening to your intuition will connect you to your private well of creativity (and yes, you do have one!) This is where surprises are likely to happen as your creativity swirls into motion while colors merge together to form images you would have sworn you could never paint. It doesn't matter if your images do not resemble anything you've ever seen before. They are uniquely your images and that is what makes this process alive, insightful and enchanting. 

When I talk to friends about intuitive painting, I often hear "I can't paint" as a response. I'd  like to encourage you to move past that hurdle if this stops you from playing with intuitive painting.  It's okay if you can't paint. Actually, it can be beneficial if you don't know how to paint. You are less likely to get hung up on technique and rules which can constrict access to your intuition. 

Letting go of the need to conform or perform allows you to TIP over that bottle of paint and explore freely while giving your intuition and creativity a chance to sparkle. 

Happy Painting!



  1. Beautiful! Wishing you creative sparks and blessings - Beth Newman

  2. This sounds like an amazingly freeing way to create and let your heart sing Beverly. Beth M.

  3. The beauty of you is showing through... Love, Love, Love... : )

  4. It looks so happy and freeing!

  5. OH, I'm liking the theme of "Freeing" that is showing up here. This is a very freeing process and I'm glad that description is coming through in my written words. I love the visual of a singing heart Beth! Thank you all for the comments.